MOD helicopter chases 4 UFOs in England

Reminds me of a ring.
We have had UFO that looked like that back in the 50s and 60s but have had little for reports since those times.


A family was outdoors enjoying a barbecue when they noticed a Ministry of Defence helicopter chasing four UFOs through the skies above the English town of Bolton.
Andrea Finney, her husband Nigel, and their son were eating outdoors when Andrea reportedly noticed the UFOs in the sky. She pointed out the strange objects, and instructed Nigel to grab a camera. After retrieving the camera, he was able to snap a few photos of the unidentified aerial objects. He explains to UK media outlet Mirror, “Our camera does not have a good zoom on it or anything – it is just a normal camera, so we took what we could but afterwards we just could not explain it.”

MOD helicopter chases 4 UFOs in England –

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