UFO Sighting in Dewey, Arizona on March 23rd 2015 – Blue white light seen on Moon through telescope in dark area of moon surface.

I was observing the Moon through my 4 inch refracting telescope at a magnification of 70x. In the dark portion of the Moon in the Procellarum
region I noted a blue white star like light. Intense in the center, fuzzy on the edges. The stellar magnitude was about 5. I thought that it might be a volcanic eruption or out gassing. But, the intensity, shape and appearance did not change at all during the course of the observation. There were no other lights visible. This was well beyond the terminator and not too far in from the limb in the dark region or unlighted portion of the Lunar surface. I was surprised and astounded at the same time. I have been observing the Moon for over 30 years and have never seen anything like this. It was not secondary optical reflection. It was there on the surface and remained as described for the full duration of the observation from 07:20-08:10 pm. MST. I then stopped observing as I was too tired to continue. The blue white light reminded me of the older mercury vapor lights that had annoyed me while observing during earlier years. I feel I am a qualified observer and got the impression it was not a natural event but artificial.

I was in my backyard at my observatory in Dewey. The seeing was excellent and the sky clear and the air steady.

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