UFO Sighting in Loudon, New Hampshire on March 17th 2015 – An orb appeared as if was moving through the sky stopped repositioned and hovered. Changed position and shape.

My neighbors and I have been seeing orbs over the past two years that appear to be different colors; white, orange, blue and red. We live in a semi rural area with a lot of wetlands, brook and ponds and parcels of large wooded acreage. The lights [orbs] were first observed a couple of years ago and were observed low in the woods and moving through the woods and several hundred feet in the sky. At times we would see just one or two and other times 20 – 30 of them. Some of the video I obtained over the years is similar to this current event and some different, Some video and stories of events that took place are hard for people to believe. The orbs at times appear to be right there and then seem to disappear and other times seem to be transparent. We also have obtained video of a craft objecting the orbs late evening and very early in the morning.

This event took place just recently and we were seeing the strange bright orbs on several different evenings and at different times. The few days surrounding March 17, 2015 video was obtained of the orbs. On one evening as I walked from one area of the house into the kitchen and out the sliding glass door I could see a bright light descending over a large track of wooded land behind the house. video was obtained of one of the light hovering over the trees. I have seen this orb hundreds of times over the past couple years. the video tells a good story on what they look like in the day light and evening.

If you find the video helpful I have some other video you may be interested in some is similar and some much different. I appreciate you taking the time to investigate this matter and feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

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