UFO Sighting in Rhinelander, Wisconsin on March 23rd 2015 – Father Tim first saw a glowing red/orange orb moving and pulsating in treetops across south of the house at end of driveway. He walked outside and came back in and said he’s watching a strange flying orb. I went outside and recorded video on phone.

After my father came inside and said he’s watching a strange glowing red and orange orb in the tree tops. I pulled a jacket and hat on and took flashlight with and dog outside to see for myself. I walked to the end of the driveway and in the treetops danced an intense red light that seems to be flying above the Moens Chain water way off in the distance to the South East. It was moving vertically and dropping towards the ground with great speed with a also breaking with 45 degree angles with no specific cadence or light flashing pattern. It changed colors from intense red to bright orange and yellow and looked like dripping molten metal dancing through the clear night sky. Very exciting to see something so unexplainable, it was so fast and changing directions so quickly it could not have been a helicopter or a drown, I was excited and pulled out my smartphone and stood on the south side of Hwy C trying to get physical evidence, my Dad had come back out of the house with my mother and they both observed for several minutes, I couldn’t get the phone to pick up the lights with video but recorded for over a minute. We watched the redish orange objects until in moved south east and out of site maybe 4 or five 5 minutes latter. There was another bright white star that fast moving L angles farther off in the distance in the sky to the south as this redish orange object moved out of sight. My parents went back inside the house and I stayed out on Hwy C and walked East watching several strange white fast moving objects changing direction but farther off in the distance. As i came to the corner of Berger RD and Hwy C I picked up another redish orange object changing colors and moving less eradically to the East, North East above the tree tops but still dropping and moving vertically changing color, I shined my flashflight in the direction of the object flashing it to see if it would do anything but seemed far off in the distance and higher in the air, as I walked east on Hwy C it also continued to change colors and moved east through the air eventually moving North East of the Starks TV tower, suddenly a this red beam appeared and 3 red orbs traveled up the beam from tree tops seqentially and very rapidly and as the first red orb contacted this smaller glowing object chnaging colors there was a static boom and my ears were ringing and the sky flashed black and I continued to squint my eyes and to the North East of Starks tower the smaller object looked like the bottom left corner of a much larger oval object maybe a half mile wide or better there was another large oval object above this one but farther off in the distance. Both objects were very dark and translucent with a very foggy dark green and fuzzy glow around both objects. The red orbs and beam were no longer visible and both objects faded out of sight in about 5 seconds. I called 911 and reported a UFO over the starks tower and 5 minutes latter a trouper drove past me at berger rd towards starks but did not stop. The objects were no longer visible so I began walking towards the house west down C. One minute latter a large low flying airplane moving east to the north of HWY C flew over and it was not a normal commercial plane, the bottom of the fuselage seemed to be glass on both sides and a solid light was present from the wings and made a U around the cockpit, a single flashing white light under the cockpit, not other lights on the craft. It moved slowly towards Starks over the turned North East directly over where the larger dark objects had flashed and continued out of site. I walked several hundred yards back to the house and as I came to the house the trooper came back and turned around as I got to the driveway. She turned on her lights and told me to get out of the road so I didn’t get hit by a drunk driver. I told her I called it in and appoligised if it wasn’t an emergency. I asked her if she saw anything in Starks and she said no only saw the low flying plane move through the area. I went back into the house and she took off. I grabbed my car keys and headed out to starks town hall and stayed in there looking for more objects for about 10 minutes but saw nothing and went home for the night.

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