UFO Sighting in Columbia, South Carolina on March 23rd 2015 – Took 2 pics of the sky and saw a ufo n one pic

Monday evening I rode with my fianc�� to deposit money in our ATM. As I was sitting in the passenger seat I thought the sky was looking really pretty, and I wanted to take a picture. When we pulled away from the ATM and got to the stop sign I pulled my phone out and snapped two back to back pics. As soon as I took the pics my fianc�� said what was that bright flash of light? I saw a bright flash too but honestly I didn’t think much of it until I looked back at my pictures. The second picture I took looked normal but the first one I took had a strange looking saucer object in the sky. It was a warm clear night. If this is a ufo it went by so fast that no one would actually be able to see it. I’ve shown friends the pics and some think its a car light but I don’t believe that because there is nothing in the second pic and I literally took it a second after the first and we both saw a bright flash of light go by.

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