UFO Sighting in Stuart, Florida on November 15th 2013 – while i was taking pictures out my front porch screen door i captured a ufo flying up to my apt and put a beam on at me

It was a beautiful clear day and i thouht i would take some pictures of the sky from my front porch screen door,and a video. i aimed the digital camera out the door and i continually snapped pictures and took a video.after i downloaded them a few days later i was in shock and awe and could not believe what i was seeing.it looked like a ufo large flying in over the apt complex right up to my apt and flying up to me at my porch over my apt.then put a beam on,shot back behind the eave of my roof and came back out hovered doing this twice,shot out in front of me ,hovered and put a beam on.then shot over to other side and hovered where the trees were,then shot straight up angle wise.it all happened so quickly. I lost the video from an error and im sick about it.but at least i have pix from frames of video. I blew up the picture of the craft and it loooks metallic in nature. I also took them to six retired air force kernals and they said i had some interesting pictures and believed it was a ufo and that i should take it to the news. I never did,for i was scared people would think im crazy. In fear also because since this happened among other experiences, and many in my life and pictures too,even of aliens as a teleportee,i have had one encounter with the men in black,and one visitation to my apt from them. Here are my pictures.

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