UFO Sighting in Whitehouse, Texas on March 25th 2015 – 3 separate light orbs traveling west of my home. I saw the 1st one, while washing dishes, then discontinued dishes to get outside

A light type orb, traveling west, caught my eyes, I stepped outside and I was able to see light orb traveling west, 3 times over and my husband saw this as well. I was washing dishes and looked out my window and this light caught my eye and it was traveling pretty fast and would get brighter..I then yelled for my husband to come out and I pointed him in direction of the light and he was able to get a good sighting as well. It then disappeared and he went back in and I felt this wasn’t over, so I waited and watched, and within 8 minutes or so, there it is again and it was in very same place we saw the first one, still traveling, no blinking, there was a plane out right before I saw the first one and you could see that it was a plane !! When my husband came out the second time…again…He saw it too!!! It took about 20 to 30 seconds for it to disappear!! Again, it would brighten, and dim, but traveling fast in a straight line! I grabbed my chair and stayed out at this point and within 5 minutes.., AGAIN!!! Same light moving across the sky and brightened and was also in very same location !!! My husband witnessed this happening with me and I am not sure what these lights were but very interested in what these lights were. The glow was light, almost star like. Not pulsating, just brightened and dimmed and then would disappear!! All 3 exactly alike!!! Even the birds in my backyard were behaving strangely and 1 flew up to my face and”screeched” at me, during the sightings…kind of scared me!!! Lol’

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