To the people that call dots of light in a footage “UFOs”.

Now we know a way to “resolve” the little dots of light that you have been recording in daylight and have been calling UFOs, by placing a high optical magnification scope aligned with your spotting system, to be able to “resolve” a “small” ( around one foot extension ) object withing the atmosphere estimates suggest that the high magnification scope should have an optical magnification of around 150x, and practice validates that estimation amply.

If you do not make the effort to build such setup you will continue to be misinformed, but not only that if you continue to publish footage that just contains points of light without any structure and you call these dots “UFOs” implicitly or explicitly suggesting that these are crafts and/or mechanical artifacts you will be disinforming your viewers and you will be part of the large cloud of disinformation in this area.

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