UFO Sighting in La Plata, Maryland on May 31st 1968 – Lights in sky shooting back and forth. Stopping for a moment then shooting to another location in sky.

Was a warm summer night when a couple of my friends and i were playing outside. We lived in the country so we had a clear view of 360 degrees night skys and stars. When i just happened to look up and saw 4,5 maybe 6 lights up by the stars moving independently. One or more would move between a few inches to maybe a yard apart. now i dont know the true distance they traved, since i’m on Earth and what i saw was up in the sky so far that they resembled bright stars. But if you were to stand outside and hold a yardstick up over your head and consider the distance between stars that would give you an idea how far these lights moved. Not to forget that it was seconds that it took them to travel that distance before they stopped for a short time than moved again. Never to the same spot in the sky.
Since sighting those lights as a young boy back in the 60’s, i have had a few dreams where i would wake up sometimes because of a noise or something in my dreams would awaken me. I would be so frightened because i would try to get out of bed, but couldn’t. Felt as though a force was holding me down and not allowing me to scream out as a child. This happened a few times through the years of my childhood. Than nothing, for decades i thought of this with no reaccurances.
Now that i’m in my fifties I have been reliving those dreams and not being able to yell out for help. I have see things I can’t explain and when I go to talk or move I am unable to. Last episode I encounted was about a year ago.
That’s my story and I can’t explain why those years as a child are as if they accured yesterday and the dreams and sitightings are fresh in my mind.

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