UFO Sighting in Lee’s Summit, Missouri on January 24th 2015 – Caught on Random Video

Caught on Random Video

Saturday, Jan. 24th, 2015 at 10:45 AM, I had been once again noticing brief flashes of either light, or objects that were momentarily appearing and then disappearing over Blue Spring Lake area. I decided to take some random video to see if I could catch anything.

I shot a 24 second video in which an object is seen for .53 seconds travelling through the screen and then disappearing below the image. The composite below shows the relationships of the object in the beginning (with the first arrow) and a selection of three other locations as it travelled. The final arrow shows where it left the view on that particular screen. The image is a photomerge of 5 snapshots from the video. (see image of photomerge)

If we assume that the craft is about 1 mile away, and roughly 15 feet in size, the distance that it travelled downward in vertical distance calculates to be 507 feet. This corresponds to a vertical plunge of 956.6 feet per second, or 652 mph.

The image of frames 1,2,3, and 5 of the sequence is photomerged in which the first frame is slightly lower than the second frame. This is not a case of freefall, but intentional guidance. See image.

Frame 11:23 (1st)
Frame 12:06
Frame 12:07
Frame 12:08
One can see that the craft not only changes its pitch, but also changes morphologically to three different shapes all within 1/10th of a second.

The initial direction of the first frame was from 340�� or about NNW. When one approximates the continued plunge of the craft, it would have entered Blue Springs Lake at around 5��. The satellite image below indicates the area at one mile distant from my point of observation.

(See image of satellite map)

The plunging craft entered the video at 16�� from the horizon, or 1,510 ft in altitude and entered the lake near where many other sightings have been seen.

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