UFO Sighting in Lee’s Summit, Missouri on March 22nd 2015 – Four on Random Video

Four on Random Video

Sunday March 22, 2015 I had been seeing momentary objects in the air above the woods behind our house. At about 2:15 pm, I decided to take some random videos to see if I could catch anything. In the fourth video, which lasted 18 seconds, I didn���t initially see anything on playback. But when I began looking frame by frame, I finally noticed one, and then more objects. The direction was NNW at about 18�� altitude.

Object 1:
The first craft appeared as a white object, which changed back to dark and then back several times during the 4 seconds that it was in view. However, it was faint and hard to detect at first. The following photomerge of four frames during its progress show its path prior to exiting. (See image)

The following are a sample of some of the changes in the object that occurred as it travelled upward.

Frame :07
Frame :12
Frame 4:06

Object 2:
Next, at the 9 second mark into the video another object is seen for only .83 seconds. Here is it���s progress through the sky. (See image)

The object itself as it shoots upward shows up as a very small sized craft, though it would be hard to estimate the real size.

Frame 9:04
Frame 9:14
Frame 9:22

Object # 3:
At the 13 second area of the video, I noticed a craft which lasted for a duration of .66 seconds. It appeared as a grey or bluish colored object. It was also much larger than the others���.perhaps ten times.

Frame 13:07 emerging from bottom
Frame 13:11
Frame 13:22
Frame 13:27

Interestingly, a smaller object is seen next to it in frame 13:22. Here is what occurred over the course of crossing the sky: (See image)

This photomerge depicts 5 different frames during the upward flight of the object.

Object #4:
The final craft that was seen in this video was over a duration of .7 seconds, covering 21 frames in all. The object appears to be similar in size to craft #2. (See image)
This photomerge is of 5 frames.

The object itself looked like a small round object, just as in number 2.

Frame 16:19
Frame 16:23
Frame 17:03

In only 18 seconds of time, there were at least 4 different craft moving faster than the eye can see. I had only noticed momentary flickers of movement which got me to try some random videos. It all has to do with luck, timing, and pointing in the right direction at the right time.

I know that there are many more.

This begs the question as to how many of these craft are there in the Blue Springs Lake, and what are they doing?

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