UFO Sighting in Missouri on January 27th 2015 – Many Unusual Sightings

Many Unusual Sightings

Tuesday evening January 27, 2015 began a series of very odd sightings.

First sighting: Not a plane.
While at the Post Office branch off of Colbern Road in Lee���s Summit at 6:01 pm, I noticed a bright light in the SSE coming generally in my direction and toward the NNW. It was a couple miles away, but as it approached the light seemed to have a light on both sides that were faint but which pulsed every second or so. I took it to be an airplane of some sort although it had no normal airplane structure whatsoever. Frame by frame analysis of the second video what lasted 38 seconds shows something altogether different. These are frames from 18:17 to 34:04.

Frame 18:17
Frame 19:16
Frame 19:29
Frame 24:07
Frame 25:11
Frame 34:04

There was a periodic nature to the appearance of the two side lights every 42 frames, except that it skipped between frames 21:12 (not shown) and frame 24:07. However this last frame shown above had the main center light become elongated. It remained elongated for 4 frames, and then became a small light again. This craft was clearly not an airplane and showed no fuselage or wings or rudder either by eyesight, or frame by frame analysis. There were no red or green wing lights, not tail strobe.

Many Videos:
On the same evening of tuesday the 27th of January, 2015 after returning home from making the videos with my phone at the mailbox, I got my better camera out and noticed a series of odd lights. I took several videos over the course of the next few minutes . The direction of these videos was generally near 340�� or NNW.

Eleven videos were taken while back in the house looking over the trees. The following images come from five of the videos with the most interest���Snap 253 to 259.

Snap 253
Snap 254
Snap 255
Snap 256
Snap 257
Snap 258
Snap 259

Most of the above craft were among many other frames in which either white lights moved over the screen, or there was rapid morphing from frame to frame (such as Snap 257).

At 6:33 pm I noticed a strange blinking in the sky. The most unusual of all the videos was the following object. These are what frame by frame analysis show: Frames 3:03 to 6:05

Frame 3:03


Frame 5:15

There were other objects seen, but little interest other than there being blinking lights of various kinds. All in all, the evening was packed with a lot of objects. I was drawn to take videos or photos of 18 of them, but the quality of some of them was not the highest, nor of the greatest interest as these. The most unusual have been presented in this report.

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