Alien Encounter in Hammond, Indiana on March 26th 2015 – Wasn’t a UFO but a person that followed me almost to my house

It was 4pm I were walking out of a store. I looked across the street and there were two men in black suits, wearing sunglasses and they both had a black umbrella. They were standing perfectly still. I was very paranoid because I’m really into conspiracies and aliens and I read about Men In Black. As I started walking once i got at least 100 feet in front of them, they crossed the street and started to follow me. The way the moved was very unusual, not like a regular human walking (not implying they weren’t human). I turned the corner and looked back and they were gone, it was strange because there was nowhere they could have gone so fast because I kept looking behind me. I went to my house and waited about 30 minutes and went back out to see if i could find anything out if they were still there or something. As I turned the corner, I saw one and I was so startled I fell and one ran to me in a very odd motion, I got up before he/it could reach me and ran home.

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