Really weird reports?

The past few days Ive been reading over some of the older UFO reports, like from 1500s to about 1800s, some of them are really bizarre, and seem to involve sightings of just about everything from elves to mermaids, to satyrs!! Even stranger, the reports make it seem like it was no big deal, many times after the incident, the people involved just went about their day..??, for instance, one report said a group of fisherman came across a half woman, half fish, a man stabbed it with a knife and the body was dragged off, another says a legion of soldiers back in the 1600s found a satyr, they brought it before their lead guy, apparently they asked it questions, but all it did was make weird noises so they executed it.

There are quite a few reports like this, some really really bizarre reports, Im wondering why we dont have any of them today, or why the people back then seemed to make no big deal over strange creatures like this, I know people back then were much different, but I have to think even they would recognize creatures like this as something really special and maybe they need to document it or at least make a bigger deal about it.

Anyone ever read some of these types of reports?

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