Black Triangle Sighting in Zapata, Texas on October 23rd 2009 – Triangular UFO hovering over my parents room of their house. Object was really quiet but fast.

It was my eighth grade year. I was getting home from pizza hut around 1 am. My friends mom was taking me home. It was raining but had stopped but the lighting was still there. On my way home I noticed that the animals in my neighborhood were acting strange, they usually are hyper and moving around but majority of them were distracted by something. As we were driving up my drive way my friends mom had asked us if we can see that. My friend and I were looking around through the windows but nothing was to be seen. As we got closer to my house she was convinced it was a UFO. We stopped the car in front of my house, My friend and I got out of the vehicle and it was then that we saw this triangular figure with lights on the bottom corners of each side, hovering over my parents room of their house. It’s lights were extremely bright and white. I had my phone in my hand, I don;t know why it didn’t click to me to use it and record the event. i Was in shock. I felt like I was being controlled not to do anything. After I snapped out of that state I ran to my front door, yelling for my family to open the door. By the time they opened it, we all went back outside and the Object had moved behind a cloud where the lighting was and remained hovering there. It then started moving directions at high speeds. and then Zoomed out of sight.

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