It was early October 2014 in Mexico, NY. Thomas was getting ready to watch the 11 o’clock news before heading to bed. Suddenly the apartment he lives in began to shake with a rumbling sound. The sound was familiar to him; it was the sound of a military helicopter.
“I walked out my back door, there was a very low flying military Black Hawk helicopter chasing three low and glowing flying objects that made no sound.”
Thomas knew that as this Black Hawk had no other reason to be in area and was apparently not searching or looking for anything or anyone, the military craft flying low and was clearly chasing the Unidentified Flying Objects. As the bright formation of UFOs continued on their course, it was obvious to Thomas that the Black Hawk was having a hard time keeping up with them. He says that the formation of UFOs banked from NNE to SSE in an irregular manner that made no sense to him.
“They were flying at perhaps 600 ft. to 800 ft. from the ground when suddenly all the objects in front of the Black Hawk, were just gone!”
Thomas tells us that both him and his wife lost sleep over this sighting incident.
“It took me some time of thinking before I reported this sighting. I have no doubt that there is life from other worlds that have been and are still visiting earth. I am from a Native American tribe which has lived in New York for 7000 years. For years I have listen to stories from many tribes in our state, which tell about visits of other beings from other worlds.
Thomas says he’d never seen a craft or anything that he could call a UFO, until that night in early October 2014.

Extra information about the article: 
Thomas stayed up to watch the 11 O’clock news; he never expected to witness a formation of UFOs instead.

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