UFO Sighting in Gaylesville, Alabama on September 11th 2010 – Witnessed a white pod-shaped craft speeding silently in a S to N direction. Low altitude, very fast.

I was traveling on business on Hwy 35, coming out of Gaylesville, headed to Ft. Payne
, AL, when I suddenly noticed above the treetops, a speeding object. It appeared at about the height that you would normally see a local small aircraft, Piper, Cherokee, etc., but was very clearly not a plane or chopper. It was actually flying over a large open pasture. It seemed to be a solid white or shiny silver object, pod or egg shaped. It had no projecting shapes, wings, rudders, etc. No visible lights. I’m certain it was fairly low, 500-1000 ft. because there was low cloud cover, and as it sped north, it became hidden by the low clouds. I watched for it the rest of the afternoon, hoping to get another glimpse of it. I was so tempted to go to the nearby airport in Ft. Payne to see if they had received report of any such sighting by anyone else. I was 55 yrs old at the time and have been an avid aircraft enthusiast most of my life and am very familiar with all sorts of craft, civilian and military and am certain this was something I’d never seen before. I was so impressed by the speed and the silence with which it flew at such a low altitude. I will never forget that sight. I researched UFO sightings for months afterwards and was relieved? To see some photos of similar sightings from around the world. I especially was looking for a report of sightings anywhere near that same area. I found only one report of a night time sighting of some lights, which did not sound particularly unusual by the description. I actually made a report to another UFO group a few months afterwards. ‘Don’t recall their name. I later actually created my own video simulation in a computer software, just to have my own record of the image and I guess trying to relive the moment.

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