UFO Sighting in Hartford City, Indiana on March 28th 2015 – Circling orbs at high altitude

I was at work at the time of the sighting, on a smoke break, the event was also witnessed by my foreman. The moon was visible during the day, I looked up at the moon and noticed two small orbs circling erratically, and then noticed four in the same general area. I pointed out the orbs to my foreman, after a few seconds he finally saw the objects. All were circling wildly and appeared white and metallic as they caught the sun’s rays. I said “what the hell are those?”, after a minute or two he replied “they’re birds.” My reply to that was “no way”, I estimate the altitude at 30,000 to 35,000 feet high I said “those aren’t birds that high”, he said “they are high I’ll give you that.” I returned to the mill to get another witness and when we returned the objects were gone. But in their place was a large, grey, oblong shaped object. The second witness said do you mean that jet, i said that’s no jet and looked at the second witness, when we looked back it was gone, there was no condensation trail in the sky from a jet i said explain that, he replied i don’t know what it was.

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