UFO Landing in Barstow, California on May 15th 2009 – Bright White Ship , One Red Probe, One green Probe.

We Were at the Ghost Town Of “Coolgardie” North of Barstow, off Copper City Road. On A Topo Map it is Called “Mud Hills ” !!!
We were Facing West Towards the Far East End of “Edwards Air Force Base !!!!
To The North it is the “Deep Space Observation Center, to the East It Is “Fort Irwin Army Base ” .
We Go Out Here to Mine For Gold, Shoot Guns ,And Have A Great Desert Dinner over the Camp Fire !!!!!! We Look At the Galaxy Too !!!
We Had Telescopes !!!!
At about 8:15 Pm “D” and I were looking towards the West “Edwards”.
We Started to See the Air Force Fly A “Crazy” UAV at the End of the East Runway !!!! We Thought it Was Great !!! I Was Shooting By Big F’n mouth Off About “UFO”s !!!! Then After 20Minutes It Stopped !!!!
After about Ten Minutes, Now it is Really Dark …..
This is When I Got Freaked Out !!!!!
Someone from the East started walking Up Hill Towards Us !!!! It Seemed to Be About 400 Yards Away !!!!
I GOT MY “SKS” out !!!! This is Not Right !!!!!!
This “Person” got within 150 Yards From Us !!!! I Yelled Out.. ID YOURSELF”
May be in was someone in trouble or a Medical Thing !!!!
After I Yelled Out , The light went Out !!!!
I Was Scared !!!!!! I am Thinking that someone is going to try to Rob Us !!
I Was Ready to Shoot someone Dead !!! You Do Not Walk Up in this Desert and Play this F’n Game !!!!
The Next You I Know is that A Bright White Sphere Craft was at the Base Of
“OPAL MOUNTAIN” East side !!!!! There are No Roads on this Part of the Mountain !!!!
The White Sphere Was At the East Base Of Opal Mountain, We Looked at it through the Telescope !!!! Within Minutes, a Red and Green Craft Showed Up !!
These Crafts Orbited around the White Craft and Would Shoot off and Return !!
I Was Scared S**tless !!!!!!!!
AFTER about 20 Minutes of this, the Air Force Sent in Two Choppers to Check out the Area !!!! When the Choppers showed up the White, Red , Green Craft Took Off !!!
When the Choppers Left the F’n Crafts Showed Up Again !!!!
Oh, Now I am Really Scared !!!!

My Friend and I Watched these Crafts Orbit and Spin Around the White Colored Mother Ship !!!!
I Said Two Hours !!! No, it was Four Hours !!!!!!
I Finale Feel asleep with a “SKS” in My Hands sitting next to A Fire that was Only Coals At this Point !!
I Have Never Gone Back to this Place Again !!! It Scared Me !!!

The Only Reason that I write this E-mail is Because, I was watching the History Channel, Hanger-1 !!!!
When I Saw “Barstow 2009” I Just About Threw-Up !!!!
I Thought Me and “D” were the Only People to See this !!!!!
I Never thought other People or that you Investigated this !!!!!!!!!!!

Me and “D” were never abducted !!!!!!!! Nothing Like This !!!
To Tell you the Truth, If they would Of Tried this I Would Of Put 10 Rounds of 7.62×39 into them !!!!!
I Had Two other experiences of this S**t in 1987 in Moorpark !!!!
I Would Shot What Ever came up to Me !!!!

This is the Most Crazy part of the Story !!!! I Teach Chemistry and Astronomy at School !!!! I Use My Telescope at least 12 hours a week !!!
I am Not Some Crazy Person !!!! “D” was Also a Science Teacher at the Time !!!
When You Have Astronomy Teachers willing to Use an SKS, there are Problems !!!!!!

My Friend “D” use to laugh at Me When I Talked About “UFO”s !!!
That Day he Kept Playing the Song “Hey Mr. Spaceman ” to Me !!!!
Now that MF er Knows Better !!!!

To answer Your Last Question, “How Did You Loose sight Of Them” !!
I Passed Out From F’n Stress !!!

Let Me Just Say this Again !!!!! I Was F’n Scared !!!!!!!!
I Thought that they had me out there in the Middle of the Desert !!!
I Have Never Gone Back to that Place Again !!!!

This should Support Your “Barstow 2009” Story !!!!!

There were “People” Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind, Within 100 Yards of me and My Friend !!!! I Almost gave them 10 rounds of 7.62 x 39 !!!

You Say Not to Use Profanity !!!! I Can Not Help It !!!
This Scared me So Bad, that You Are Luck that I

Only Wrote it as I Did !!!

You want Proof !!! Follow Me !!!!!
[Name removed/cms/tg]

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