Couple Spotted ‘UFO’ Flying Over Longton

Couple spotted 'UFO' flying over Longton

By The Sentinel

      . . . a couple who do not wish to be named.

Despite their anonymity, I have no reason to doubt them.

Indeed, I hope to capture some of the fervour with which it was first told. It was, they said, an experience that changed their perception of the unknown forever.

The couple – Mr and Mrs A for argument’s sake – were driving late at night on Lockett’s Lane in Longton when something high in the sky caught their attention.

On approach to the junction of Lightwood Road, they saw was a large object seemingly floating through the air.

Both described it as a metallic spaceship-like thing which had what appeared to be large windows.

Mr A described it as ‘a flying-saucer’ in shape, which he estimated was about the size of 3 terraced houses, hovering very close to the rooftops.

It drifted over Queens Park in Longton as they continued their journey, before it was quickly out of sight.

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