Giant Abandon UFO Discovered On NASA Mars Orbiter Photo

Hmmm, those closer photos DO NOT look to be NASA photos to me.
Youtube anomaly hunters. That is a warning sign right there.

Gigapan: Rugged Terrain Of Aram Chaos, Mars. Image Shows UFO Flying Saucer At Edge Of Cliff


Mars anomaly hunters have discovered a giant UFO flying saucer abandoned on rugged Mars terrain. The latest UFO find on the Red Planet was reported on March 27 by two YouTube anomaly hunters, Mars Moon Space Photo Zoom Club (MMSPZC) and Paranormal Crucible.

According to MMSPZC, the UFO flying saucer was discovered in images of the Martian region of Aram Chaos — 2.6°N, 21.5°W — near the canyon Valles Marineris and Ares Vallis. The images were captured by NASA’s Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC).
The original narrow-angle and wide-angle context NASA MOC images of the Aram Chaos region and coordinates may be viewed here. The narrow-angle and wide-angle images are reproduced below for the reader’s convenience.

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