UFO Sighting in Avon, North Carolina on March 30th 2015 – Started at yellow changed to gold then to orange steady ball moving

I was taking out garbage at work. I noticed something moving in the sky so I looked up to see if it was a shooting star or an airplane. I at first thought it was a Chinese lantern but it wasn’t. The object stayed in a continuous straight line and changed from a bright white/yellow to a gold then on to a red. When it turned red it started to disappear into thin air pretty much. At first I didn’t understand what I had just seen and then I ruled out it being a shooting star due to the slow movement of it. I ruled out a Chinese lantern because they go up in the air usually and are not that bright. So the only explanation could have been was a UFO. After it turned red, going into the same continuous line, it blinked a couple of times then just disappeared.

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