‘UFO Sighting’ in Cannock Chase

'UFO Sighting' in Cannock Chase

By Mike Lockley

Close encounter in Staffordshire could have been secret military drone

     A strange aircraft spotted moving slowly and loudly across the night sky in Cannock has sparked UFO frenzy.

Hundreds of householders took to social media after first hearing a loud drone, then spotting the massive object move slowly over their homes.

Many believe that there is a very earthly explanation for a Close Encounter that has the community buzzing.

Locals in the Staffordshire town believe they saw a secret military protoype, possibly from a US aircraft carrier currently stationed off Portsmouth.

And the British UFO Research Association has not discounted claims that a drone might be behind the rash of reports.

The area has been a UFO hotbed since the early 1980s, but last week’s incident is the biggest in terms of the sheer volume of sightings. . . .

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