UFO Sighting in Coffeen, Illinois on July 16th 2000 – Light over farm house that then gave chase.

This happened almost 15 years ago. I never knew what to make of it but it haunts me so much now that I think it needs to be reported. In july of 2000, 17th at approximately 11 pm. I took a ride from Peoria, IL to Bethalto, IL with two people who headed that way and happened to be friends of my friend Leah. The driver was a male nicknamed “Happy” in his early 20’s and his girlfriend whom I knew only her name Amanda. They wanted to go to a “rave” party that weekend in St. Louis and when they heard I was part of a promotion group that threw these sort of parties, they wanted me to guide them and get them into the party in exchange for a ride to my fiance in Bethalto,IL. We made it to Bethalto by around 10 pm and my fiance was asleep and refused to come along. I jumped back into Happys car and having very little knowledge of the roads to St. Louis, I tried to navigate. Mind you this was 2000, I had no gps. We took 55 and went the wrong direction. The driver insisted he knew better than I where to go and eventually we wound up on Sorento Ave. in the middle of freaking nowhere. We were driving in a dark country road with no light really. I was looking out the window at a farmhouse that was illuminated by a bright light. Having grown up in the country, I figured at first that the light was a stadium or street light that farmers sometimes have so they can see at night when putting away the tractors, etc. But then my brain clicked and I realized this light was way too high. My next assumption was it was a helicopter, so I rolled my window down to see if I could hear. It was stupid considering the car was moving and the farmhouse and light were about 1/2 mile or more away from me. At this point the other passengers asked me what was up. I told them and they too were intrigued. SO Happy stopped the car and turned it off and we all got out. We listened. The light made no noise, it stayed put right over the house. I also noticed that in the middle of nowhere in the middle of hot summer in JULY, I heard no bugs, no crickets or frogs etc. It was weird. We all stared for a long time and then it broke from its position and started towards us. We all panicked and got back in the car and took off down the road at a high rate of speed, the light was still high up but now trailing us about 1/4 mile behind the car. We came up to a “T” in the road. I told Happy to go right. We turned on a road called Red ball trail. The light was still following us. We came up to another “t” in the road and what was alarming was it was identical to the road we came upon last time, I looked at the sign and it said we were about to turn on Red ball trail again…but we already did that. It was the same damn intersection! So I told happy to turn right again. The light was still following us and we came upon the T again. The same T intersection, AGAIN. Same road signs, same everything. We were hysterical at this point. His girlfriend said go left Happy made another left. The light was finally gone. Finally, we started seeing things that were different and ended up in Coffeen IL. We got back on the interstate, happy dumped me off at my fiances and they refused to come in or stay the night. They were scared out their minds. I was confused. The other day, now in my 30’s, I tell the tale to my husband (he was fiance back then) and I wonder, did we get caught up in a time jump or something? I got the distinct feeling that whatever it was, was not actually trying to “get”us.. I think we were on the same path as its exit and somehow got caught up in something I cant explain.

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