UFO Sighting in Gorman, California on March 29th 2015 – I was photographing a black crow and took a series of pictures, 1 of which contains the UFO

My wife and I were motor cycling riding at Hungry Valley, Gorman CA, where we stop to look at the view at the top of Condor Mesa, at the very end of the Cul-de-sac. We walked out to the edge of the bluff and took several pictures of the area, including a sequence of shots of a black crow flying overhead. Our position at this point is facing east.

We heard no sounds, saw nothing with the visible eye, or was aware of any UFO presence.

I only discovered the picture of the UFO as I was going through the sequence of the images I shot yesterday and noticed a tiny object to the upper left of the crow.

I have included the picture 1540 which is the first shot, and the immediately after, the second shot 1541 contains the UFO in the upper left quadrant.

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