UFO Sighting in Conroe, Texas on March 29th 2015 – Observed flashing light on bedroom blinds, then observed single flash of light approx 15 ft from window.

On Sunday, March 29, 2015, at approximately 11:45 PM, my wife and I had just turned off our reading lamp in the bedroom and were ready for sleep. In the darkened room I noticed a single flash of light through a window shade in the corner of the room; the shades were pulled down. I didn���t give it much thought. We live at the end of a cul-de-sac and when vehicles make the circle at night the rooms of our house are lit by the headlights. This was not like that but I didn���t recognize it as unusual at the time. Maybe a minute after the first flash I saw a second one. I did notice that the pattern of light on the shade was more of a spotlight, not a flood light pattern. It made a light on the shade about the size of a small coffee saucer. I still was not moved to check it out. After another minute or so there was another flash. I asked my wife who was in bed and had had her eyes closed during the earlier flashes if she saw the last flash of light. She did see that one. Now I was moved to see what might be going on outside. I arose from bed and opened the window shade at the front corner of the house where the flashes had occurred. While looking through the window into the dark yard in the direction that it appeared the flashes were coming from, I was surprised by a bright flash of intense white light that appeared to come from something about 10-15 feet from where I was standing. It appeared to be near or just beyond the end of the front porch. The diameter of the flash appeared to be the same size as a 1���-2��� circle held at the end of my outstretched arm. I was able to discern what looked like a very bright zig-zag line, brighter than the rest of the light, like a light bulb filament, in the center of the flash. The flash lasted only a moment. It was not the kind of flash we���ve all seen from camera flash units that fill your field of view with very bright light that then temporarily blind you. Even though very bright it did not blind me or result in me seeing spots of light in my vision. I looked intently to try to see what had made the light but nothing was visible. I put down the shade and got into bed. (My wife says I went outside to check it out but I have no recollection of that.) My wife and I considered that someone was playing with a drone but our house is surrounded by a fairly dense stand of trees and shrubs and the yard has a quite dense tree canopy that would present a challenge, I presume, for most drone operators. There was no obvious sound associated with the flashing lights. I turned off the night lamp and we went to sleep.
The next morning I was struck by my seeming lack of curiosity the night before about the final flash that occurred so close to me. Why was I able to so easily go to sleep so soon after the incident? Also the discrepancy in our observations about whether I went outside to check it out or not. And lastly, our trusty dachshund, which sleeps in our bedroom and is very sensitive to outside sounds, did not rouse. If someone had been playing with flashlights outside, he would have heard it.
We checked with the next door neighbor on March 31, 2014. She had not seen nor heard anything on March 29. However, the next neighbor over did notice one flash of light on her bedroom curtain some night earlier but couldn���t be sure of the date. She just thought it had happened some time in the preceding week.

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