UFO Sighting in Lee’s Summit, Missouri on March 30th 2015 – Brillian Green Streak

Shortly after midnight of March 30th, 2015, (early Monday morning) at 12:39 a.m., I noticed a brilliant green object descend in about a second of time from an angle of about 80�� in the night sky. It appeared to be similar to a meteor, we know that this is not possible under 12 miles altitude. This was seen through our living room window. The direction was 333�� or roughly NNW. The object appeared at about 17�� height from the horizon, and when it had descended to 12�� it hived off at least one smaller object that continued in the same direction as the main larger craft.

They would likely have entered Blue Springs Lake at about 343��. At approximately 1 mile distance, and covering a descent of 834 feet in about a second before vanishing beyond the trees, the objects would have been travelling at a rate of approximately 569 mph.

These craft seem to have just become visible at the time that I saw them. If they would have been visible longer, I would seem from their trajectory. There is an upper group of windows higher in the great room as large as the one from which the craft was observed. This leads me to believe that the larger craft appeared, or materialized just before entering the area of the lake. One can only speculate as to the mechanism of travel. However the objects have entered once again in nearly the same area as the three previous craft from May 1, September 12, and October 15, 2014.

The odds of four ���meteor��� like objects descending ablaze in the same vicinity within yards of each other is 1,217,853.9 x 10256 to one. The following seem to be the summarizing points:
��� The plunging craft seem to have been traveling at a great speed due to the ionization.
��� The objects are only visible for about a second or two.
��� These craft materialize at approximately 2500 feet altitude.
��� On two of the occasions, the meteor like object has ���hived off��� another object.
��� Previous objects were brilliant yellow or whitish in color. This was brilliant green, suggesting that it is made from different alloys.
��� The craft head to nearly precisely the same location each time.
��� Interestingly, the star Vega is nearby in each of the occurances.

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