A New World Order

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Recently, I completed the second rewrite of my second book of the Dimensions, Deceptions & Demons series. If readers felt the title of the first book, “The Beauty of Existence Decoded” was a bit pithy, you will surely be pleased with “A New World Order”. Taken from a cosmic perspective this explores a deep past excised from mainstream accounts and much is not to be found anywhere. Here is a preview of the extended chronological summary. Information is guaranteed to contradict standard belief systems.

As we are nearing the end of this account, I would like to construct a simplified summary of the historic dates for important events that have shaped the evolution of this planet and us. Possibly as far back as 7 billion years ago, the Earth was at least forty times its current size and located somewhere in Orion’s Belt. A major war, caused by Version One (Aryan) man led to the destabilisation of an entire star system. The debris, in part, formed our current solar system. Earth, at that time, was called Tiamat. Version One man lost hereditary privileges, but had the same power, so the expected consequence was the destruction of Tiamat 1.5 billion years ago. According to Lemurian channelled information, as special timeline was created for the development of new Earth. One of the energetic creators of new Earth was the Zeta being and up until 575 million years ago only higher dimensional, wraith-like, entities (Elohim and others) lived on the planet.

Contradicting science diktat, physical bodies of intelligent creatures appeared after 575 million years ago. Included was downgraded, Version Two, Aryan man. At this time we had much higher frequencies than modern humans (Version Seven) and showed abilities similar or greater than the Lemurian Nephilim (genetic cousins). Man appears to have left the Earth (surface) by 400 million years ago as, at this time, dragons (under instruction of Ba’al) began populating and colonising the planet. This process ensured Lucifer’s (a thought being contextually akin to any archangel) dinosaur experiment was given the green light 275 million years ago. Or, should I say, Lucifer gave the experiment the green light to the confused dismay of some of the white light influences, such as Pleiadian Annunaki (the ancient post Big Bang genetic split of “Ahnnunaki” – manifest God). For the first time in existence, slaughter had been legitimised so, understandably, that offended white light harmony. “Slaughter was independent of murder and was good”. It is important that readers appreciate the monument of this. It is bigger than Ben Hur!

An entirely unique and new type of life system was manufactured and due to Earth’s super climate in relation to her proximity to the sun, giants could be and were produced. The planet was closer than Venus is today and, for part of the time, there were two suns but one died about 180-190 million years ago. Due to the way the cosmos is constructed, our sun [from the macro perspective] is replicated five times and perhaps it acts as a gateway link and that is why there is so much spaceship activity since its portal opened in 2008. As far as I can ascertain, things ticked along pretty smoothly and violently, but there was order from balance in a manner that had never manifest before. The Drakkon geneticists would have had a physical existence on then Earth (even if they could dimension hop), and the Draco must have been created after the implosion of Maldek.

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