Black Triangle Sighting in Painted Post, New York on April 30th 2015 – Seems to have regular flight pattern for several evenings E to SE

Wife noted high-frequency sound beginning about 3-1/2 weeks ago both inside the house (louder during sightings) and outside. Beginning April 28, 2015, the sightings have been observed for 3 nights so far (clear sky each night). Multiple triangles observed simultaneously for several hours starting about 10pm until 3 am. Observation with binoculars revealed pulsating,varied colored light (red-blue-green-white) in circular motion within circumfrence at each side of triangular shape when the rotation of the triangle was facing us. Triangular shapes were at various rotations throughout the sighting times. The pattern has been the same so far, except we became aware of multiple (4) triangular shapes on the 30th of April as we began to search the sky further. Rotation seems to be anywhere from 1 dimensional triangular shape as 3 equal length sides, to 1dimensional triangular shape with unequal length sides–as if rotated towards “edge” surface of triangular shape. Observation was from inside house or on porch. Objects caught wife’s attention when pulsating bursts of colored light seen with naked eye, then with binoculars. UFO similar to description as viewed on Hangar 1 programs. Amazed to view so many objects simultaneously (appearing at varius altitudes and rotations during “orbit” for several evenings and will continue to look for them. Sound seems to only be interference picked up by wiring or electronics in and near house and barn (also has electrical wiring)–sound continues after electrical panel main switch has been turned off. Sound seems to be similar to that of 1000s of insects in a meadow during summer–also in sync with the way the lights pulsate. We took photo with IPAD camera but noted interference (snow-like as on early years of black &white TV viewing) before cable/satellite. Lost sightings only due to retiring for evening for sleep.

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