UFO Sighting in Laval, Quebec on April 29th 2015 – Light make and U-turne

Finish work at 2:30am and coming back to the shop. I see in the sky just right to the Moon a big white light slowing down fast, i can see at the back like white grey flames. Or it was the effect of the slowing down of the object. The object did a U-turne fast and go down in a straight line, like if it hit a wall and fall down. It’s not the first time a see these white light go down, it’s the third time. Usually it’s in the air like a star and fall in a straight line.
But this time it move from left to right stop fast make a u-turne going down in a straight line. I was surprise and try to estimate the distance. I think it was between 2 and 4 miles. The object was 1/6 the size of the moon that day, so maybe between 30 and 100 ft maybe more. It was white grey, not hard to look at. Not fuzzy, but round clear cut white grey.
I work at night, and on the road, so i have to look quick and have quick reflex. It was just less than a minute but there is no doubt in my mind, something or somebody make that thing stop and go down. I did not see a light on the ground, police or firemen. It was the night and to far the pin point exactly were it was.
This thing, like the others lights, i have to insist so that you can understand. Did not fall like a meteorite gradually on a long distance by the gravity and disperse in the atmosphere.
Imagine to see it falling down from 5000 feet in a straight line to the ground in 3 secondes.
Not going left and right, but a clear cut white grey light, that fall at the same speed if you drop a ball to the ground.
The other night, i dont remember the date but it was in March 2015, when a arrived home, it was 3:10am. There was, far in the night sky, maybe 30 000 feet, a similar light, white grey clear cut light pulsating. it was ovale in shape and was going straight over my head . 2 secondes intervals between the pulsating. It was big. i look at it 2 minutes before the clouds hide it.

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