UFO Sighting in New York, New York on April 29th 2015 – I didnt see it visually. I took a pictire and caught it by random.

I was taking pictures of nice sunny day in the city. I took like 4 of the sun when I noticed in one of them I had this red orb like object on it. I found it interesting but really didn’t pay much mind to it. But something told me to save them, especially the one with the object on it. So this morning after the NFL draft I went on the net to The New York post sports web site site. When I finished reading on our pick I saw a story on the bottom that read. UFO spotted in NYC Bronx or something to those lines when suddenly I saw the picture first and i couldn’t believe my eyes. I was totally blown away. I noticed that I took a picture of the the same exact object. I was stun frozen. I quickly went to my phone to confirm and there it was, the same object only I had captured it on Wednesday and the Bronx reporting was the previous Saturday. I didn’t know what to make of it but I knew someone would be interested and maybe have an explanation. To clarify, I never saw the object visually, I just happen to catch it by chance.

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