Messenger Spacecraft Is Closing in on Mercury Crash-Landing

Today, humanity will make a permanent blemish on the surface of Mercury, with a planned spacecraft impact on the planet. In 2011, NASA’s Messenger probe became the first spacecraft to enter Mercury’s orbit, and it has collected troves of data and photos of the innermost member of our solar system. But the time has come […]

NASA One Step Closer To Warp Drive?

By Eric Mack www.cnet.com4-29-15 NASA is reportedly working on technology that could take us to the moon faster than a cross-country flight.       Potentially good news for those who want to zip around our solar system, and beyond, at speeds approaching that of light — and maybe even faster. NASA, according to, […]

One in Six Species Could Go Extinct With Climate Change

If climate change continues on its current track, one out of every six species on Earth could be at risk of extinction. That’s the conclusion of a new meta-analysis of 131 published studies, looking at everything from Costa Rica’s insects to Arctic foxes to California oak trees. The study is one of the most comprehensive […]


I was talking with a friend of mine whom I have known since the third grade. We were talking about the changes that have taken place on Long Island New York over the last 50  years. We were discussing the days when we had only one highway to drive to the end of Long Island […]

Rush Limbaugh’s Anti-Scientism: There He Goes Again

On his radio show yesterday, Rush Limbaugh popped a cork over tentative scientific evidence that Santa Catalina Island near Los Angeles may be sinking. He excoriated the Los Angeles Times for considering it news, made fun of the scientists who conducted it — and even managed to twist himself in knots working global warming into his tirade. All […]