Massive Explosion on the Sun – UFO-Like Object near the Sun on Apr 28, 2015

For days, astronomers have been monitoring a large filament of magnetism stretching across the face of the sun. On April 28th, it erupted. Fragments of the filament flew away from the Sun, creating a “canyon of fire” in the sun’s atmosphere and hurling a bright CME into space. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured not only […]

Out of control Russian Progress M-27M Cargo Spacecraft plunging towards Earth (Video)

Russian flight controllers lost contact with an unmanned Russian Progress M-27M spacecraft launched from Baikonur on April 28, 2015 on a Soyuz 2-1A rocket. Something went wrong with the Russian Progress, which was carrying 3 tons of supplies for the International Space Station, moments before the spacecraft deployed into orbit Tuesday. According to SpaceflightNow, the […]

Daily UFO Headlines 4/29/15

Space experts baffled as mystery object filmed passing space station – Daily Star Alexander kindergarten students blast off into Space Day – Athens Messenger Watch Where Local UFO Sightings Have Occurred Since 1933 – DC Inno Morphing & Transforming UFOs….Are They Real? – Costa Rican Times Aliens on East End Avenue – New York Press

UFO photo captured over San Diego

Several San Diego residents reported spotting mysterious lights on Tuesday night, and one witness was able to snap a picture. According to NBC 7 San Diego, viewer Larry Fox sent them a picture of an odd light he spotted in the night sky. NBC 7 described the picture as “a string of multicolored lights.” Fox […]