Good UFO/Alien documentaries?

Hello, can anyone recommend some good documentaries on UFOs and aliens? I know there’s probably a ton, but I honestly have seen that many, so any recommendations would be great. Thanks!

Google Searches:UFOs and the UK Government

UFO UK government UFO UK government site:uk: inurl:UFO UK government: intitle:UFO UK government: intext:UFO UK government: The Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom ( image)

Google Searches:UFOs and the Canada Government

UFO Canada government UFO Canada government site:ca: inurl:UFO Canada government: intitle:UFO Canada government: intext:UFO Canada government: The wordmark of the Government of Canada ( image)

Roswell Slides Aftermath: Odds and Ends

By Curt Collinswww.blueblurrylines.com5-27-15      This piece is odds and ends, mostly some housecleaning from the Roswell Slides affair. Anyone following the story knows that Jaime Maussan is holding on the claim that the child mummy is really an alien from Roswell. He’s even put out a bounty for other photos of it, or the […]

DARPA Commissions Autonomous Killer Robots

By Betty Lasetermainenewsonline.com5-30-15      The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has commissioned killer robots that can kill their targets without seeking any help from humans. However, some experts say the robots, called Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems, can violate the Geneva Convention. Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, […]


Three hundred thousand years ago, Homo sapien ET goldminers from the planet Nibiru adapted their genome to Earth. They added copper, African clay and genes from Homo erectus–Bigfoot’s ancestor, and mitochrondrial DNA from their wombs–to make us, a worker race, to slave for them. Our very existence, our life itself, comprises the most precious asset […]

The White House Wants Your Help to Stop the Decline in Pollinators

This is a guest post by Eva Lewandowski, a PhD candidate in the Conservation Biology Graduate Program at the University of Minnesota. She is part of the Monarch Lab, where she studies citizen science and conservation education. Pollinating animals play a crucial role in our food production system, and they are essential in maintaining the […]