The Easter race

The Moise are a very peculiar race and the only information on them is through David Wynn Miller’s 25 fifteen minute videos he has on YouTube. A 300 mile long ship was found decades ago under the Greenland ice cap and it has/had a dampening field around it which neutralizes electron flow rendering electronics useless. They used tractors with compressed air engines to map the field around the ship and entered it. A lot of the technology we use today has been reversed engineered from technology found on that craft. The ship was intentionally placed there as a refrigeration unit for the earth’s atmosphere and it created the ice sheet as a form a camouflage. The Moai statues on Easter Island are depictions of them and I imagine there was a group marooned there and they created the statues as beacons. They would be about 25 to 30 feet tall with very large heads and small bodies. Miller said they plan to return to Earth and place a dampening field around the planet. The style of blocks in Inca architecture is the same as depicted on Easter Island and in Cusco Peru.

Months ago I found a 70 mile long ship anomaly under Greenland. The one that was available years ago I can’t presently locate, but it’s roughly in the middle of the Island. I did find an article of a 300 miles long canyon under the ice.

Scientists Discover a Mega-Canyon Beneath the Melting Ice Sheets of Greenland |



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