The perfect setup to capture a UFO.

The perfect setup to record a UFO:

A UFO by definition is an unidentified object, an object that was spotted but it was not identified, if what is spotted is a dot then that will be unidentified because a dot do not have structure or details that allows an identification.

Then if we chose a camera/lens combination with low optical magnification, or relatively wide field of view then many small objects not very far away from that setup will be reduced to a dot and then these objects will be ufos for that setup.

For example many people that do nightime observations use the image intensifier p8079hp with 50mm lens, that combination will provide a wide field of view, for that setup any object of around 1 feet span will be reduced to a dot if the object is at more than 1,500 feet away. So a bird not very far away from the observer will be reduced to a dot, without any apparent wing flipping, so that bird will be a ufo for that setup, if the bird follows a straight fly at night that bird will be almost indistinguishable from a satellite. This setup is used by many people, almost all nighttime setups in use today everywhere are of low optical magnification.

The widespread labeling of glowing dots in a black background as UFOs is one of the factors that perpetuates the many myths in this area of interest, dots need to be resolved in their structure, otherwise we may be calling ufo just to a far away flying bird.

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