UFO Sighting in Mexico & New Mexico , Texas on June 15th 1988 – Was late nite me & 2 friends saw from Mexico; over us and towards New Mexico

Me and 2friends snuck out of home wen we were in high school, we noticed firework looking lights over Mexico mountains (around Mt. Chisto Ray) as we thought a celebration was happening and kept lookin for more fireworks but we don’t see anymore and we noticed the ones we saw weren’t fading or anything like air fireworks do not even burn out to nothing. Me and friends were puzzled as we kept lookin at it it kept getting over and closer moving slowly until it was right on top of us flying over us in formation wit one big light in front then like 4 or 5 after it like four corners of square formation then the rest of lights were grouped after it in different lengths away from the ones in front and some of them were grouped together then there was 1or2 at the very end following the all moved in formation same direction no sound at all and and all looked same in tracer color and the first one was biggest next 4or5 little smaller in size then all the ones after were smaller except the last ones the were maybe same size as the 4or5 Behind 1st one. We were amazed and where astonished that we jus saw UFOs flying over us. We all excited and mesmerized by war we saw and as. We kept lookin at it it slowly kept flying in formation same speed flying towards New Mexico until it was out of our site due to trees further in the direction. We all separated and went home before parents woke up and I wanted to tell my mom so wen I got home woke her up and I told her and she thought I was crazy n told me to go back to bed. But ever since I have been seeing hanger 1 on TV and searched mufon on internet I figured I’d tell u my story and I’m sure my friends wud confirm also, but I was in high school and now in my 40s so don’t kno where they are but I remember their names n can find on FB! Thank you for ur time and maybe one day we’ll all kno the truth bout these sitings

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