UFO Sighting in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina on May 1st 2015 – The UFO “jumped” flew, changed course abruptly. It disappeared by the light fading out. No known landing.

Sometime between 11pm and 12am on May 1st/2nd.. I, along with two others, witnessed something we couldn’t explain. I was in the car with my father and a friend of his going down HWY 268. It started off as a strange bouncing light, I was in the backseat of a vehicle so the driver saw it first. He pulled over into the parking lot of a closed gas station, we all then exited the vehicle and began trying to record with our phones. From what I could tell my phone would not pick up the strange light so I ended it and began snapping pictures. I took 4-5 pictures as close together as possible. It changed colors and shape. The last one ending in a rainbow type shape. Fading from an orangish red to a green. To our eyes we saw it almost take on the shape of a person glowing green, orangish red, and white. At one point a smaller, paler orange light seemed to come from it and to run around it in almost the blink of an eye one time. I later discovered my video indeed captured this UFO. That’s unidentified flying object, as I really am confused about what I saw. What I know is, to my knowledge, this isn’t any craft we’re aware of that currently exists in our reality. It jumped, it seemed to change course without stopping, it bounced and it changed altitude. Going up and down very quickly. After taking the last rainbow shape picture, my grandmother called me to see if I was safe at home. Something she always does. I’m telling her about this strange thing we’re seeing and the light gets the brightest it has so far, turning completely green. At this exact moment my grandmother began speaking gibberish, at first I assumed she thought I was joking and was playing along and acting goofy. I quickly figured out when I could hear panic in her tone she wasn’t playing. I began yelling “Mamaw! Mamaw! What’s wrong?!” She attempted to answer me but it was all mushy and sounded like it started with an EM sound. I alerted my father to this and he was like “Let’s go to her.” She lived near by. I actually didn’t connect the light and this until after what happened next. My grandmother has cancer, and I actually thought she was have a seizure from this. My dad grabbed the phone and attempted to yell “We’re coming Mama!” Instead the mush she was speaking now came out of his mouth. It sounded like it started with a JAY sound. I really hate that I can’t recall what the “word” was. At this point, though, I was in shock and panic. I actually felt this sickening feeling before my grandmother called, and spoke her mush. This thing that was in the sky felt wrong. It was like a knot and nausea in my stomach. I felt sick. When we began driving toward my grandmother’s home, located off of HWY 268, it seemed to be following us. Almost playing with us. I also got the feeling I was a bug being sucked into a bug zapper. Amazed and also full of fear. My grandmother was ok upon making it to her home. She has never had the gibberish happen to her before, and she didn’t know what caused it. The light outside was being watched by my father and his friend. They said it just got dimmer and dimmer until it seemed to move far away. They could no longer see it. I was fearful of it, so I wished for no further contact. I thought I wanted to see something like this, until I saw it. I’m afraid. I also would like to mention that as we were heading toward my grandmother’s house we saw multiple cats and dogs on the side of the road, not just in one spot. As if something bothered them. It also seemed to make time feel different, slower or faster. I’m not sure. When I say it messed with electricity it was like our body’s “electricity”. That’s the best way I can describe it.

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