UFO Sighting in San Diego, California on March 17th 2013 – Bright green light then snapped pic of something on my rooftop

I was having a side security light that kept going off. I thought it might be something like a raccoon on roof. I was trying to keep them out of the vents where they went for warmth. I had a ladder set up off patio to get to roof quickly. I took out the screen and held my camera phone out the window. I set the security light at most sensitive and when it went off as something activated the sensor I snapped a picture. I put phone down and ran out back door and up the ladder it took 2 min to get up to the roof. Nothing was there but there was a green light overhead. I went back and looked at the pic. There is something that was caught in the beam I had directed up at the roof, something looking over the edge that set off the sensor. Can you provide an email address for me to send photo my Windows phone will not let me send via the form here. I really want someone to look at this pic and give me a professional opinion.

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