Alien Encounter in Pennsylvania on April 29th 2015 – they said they were going to or tried to abduct me

1- I was sleeping on 4/39/15 at 2:30 -2:34 am when this voice comes into my head so clear so real
JUST LIKE if You were next to Me while I was sleeping TALKING DIRECTLY INTO MY EAR; robotic voice So it was NOT a dream. imeeadiatley paralazised magnetized to the bed yet awake worst feeling You will ever feel 2- I am now awakened at the first word spoken did that to me . That first word magnetized Me with fear and they said…

QUOTE… It is important that we pull you through the window.

at this point I cannot move I am so scared but somehow pull out of it and then able to move so I now usually stay up till the sun comes up. ALWAYS from now on.

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