The OLD Ufology is dying.

The OLD Ufology is dying:

The OLD Ufology is dying, the “mechanicist” expectation that this old Ufology always had promoted is not supported at all for the accumulating evidence on anomalies.

The “old guard” will say a lot trying to save it, they will deny and they had been denying the reality of anomalies, behaving exactly like debunkers, suppressing evidence of anomalies that contradict or do not fit with their expectations, they will say a lot but that is exactly what they will do: talking only because the tools used to support these expectations are obsolete, if they use the right tools for the job, tools that can resolve the structure of the points that they had called UFOs for years then anomalies will be revealed behind the dots and that will only accelerate the dying process of the OLD Ufology.

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