The UFO business.

The UFO business:

Many people use the natural interest of the public in the UFO phenomenon as a source of income, Hollywood had made billions exploiting that interest.

Now if you pretend to be a serious researcher of this topic and you use this topic as a source of income then the integrity of your opinions on the topic are compromised.

If that income comes from “traffic” in some sites, like Youtube for example, then consciously or unconsciously the increase of that traffic will be motivated by economic reasons, that lead to avoid topics that are not “popular” or inflate the ones that are.

If you are a sponsor of products or dealer of products that are related to the topic, then your opinion on equipment used for the observation of anomalies/ufos is compromised because there is a clear conflict of interest at play.

Some people online even sell t-shirts or ask for donations, it is that right? In my opinion the mixing of this topic with business in general compromises the full integrity of a person that pretend to be a serious researcher on it.

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