UFO Sighting in London, Ontario on May 3rd 2015 – multi colored pin wheel type ufo with aura

Was taking my dog out for walk. Noticed a multi colored star like light
hovering on horizon about 30 degrees above.
Watched as it just stayed stationary. Called my wife outside to view it.
Had binoculars, telescope, camera. Object remained stationary for half hour then slowly started to move from nw location to more of a northerly direction. lower elevation as it slowly moved away. entire time we saw it was over 2 hours. continued to show multi colors, like a pin wheel of color, a definite aura that emitted star like spikes all around center area. It was no star, it moved slowly, deliberately lower and further away from our location. Object finally just became so distant it was just a ball of multi colored lights looking through telescope. looking with eyes at end, it just appeared as a star in distance.
Truly spectacular object, it was a ufo. called police, but no one reported it, just us at the start of sighting.

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