UFO Sighting in Nevada on February 2nd 2009 – n/a

all i wanna say at this time is my father who I work with in the same line of work. spoke with a client of ours. i have personally dealt with a client at area 51. He did not work with anything ET. My father (with us) did not. i asked, he said the gent said, without being specific about work, “I worked at area 51”. Look, what he told me was what i have heard but when the client said, “i seen them’ he laughed and the client said, in a not so nice manner, “i was there,I saw what i saw. it was not human. I saw something i had never seen before. We have had rev eng. from their stuff. i cannot say what, but they are real and some of the things we have, have not been invented by us! has something to do with a crash.” Look, i would like/dislike to believe but my dad was a former police officer and believe. you can or cannot. i am only telling you what i know. just wanted someone to know that is searching
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