Black Triangle Sighting in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 2nd 2015 – I witnessed three lights moving in the same direction without ever losing the shape they created.

On May 2, 2015 at approximately 11:35pm, I was traveling north on the west part of 465. I was traveling at approximately 65mph. I believe I was located somewhere between 10th St. and 38th or 56th street on the west side.

I noticed three lights that formed a triangle in front of me. A nearly perfect triangle. Mind you this was not over my head as in a triangle, but if the face of a triangle were facing me. I noticed it to my left of my windshield, and I as I drove I observed it simply moving across the sky as if it were traveling across my windshield. It did not appear to move quickly nor did it change direction. The three lights never wavered in their location. They never broke the shape of the triangle. All three lights moved at the same speed as if it were one large object moving across the sky.

Behind it, I noticed two more lights, but they did not appear to form a shape. The lights were orange orbs.

I lost sight of the object, because I was unable to pull over and observe the object more because of the highway I was on. I simply couldn’t follow it due to my travel. If I were on a different road, then I would’ve pulled over.

Now, I’m also open to the fact that these were lights behind me, like street lamps reflecting off my window. however, the lights would need to be directly behind me and either they would need to be moving, or my car would need to be turning, and I was traveling straight ahead.

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