UFO Sighting in Klamath Falls, Oregon on May 3rd 2015 – Green orb fell from sky and descended behind mountain

Was sitting outside my house, smoking a cigarette, looking across the street. From this angle, one can see the ridge of Hog-Back Mountain over the house across the street. While talking to my mother, a green glowing ball fell from the sky and clearly went behind the Mountain. At first I thought it was a flare from a bottle-rocket, but there was no sound or other lights usually associated with fireworks. It’s common for people to light off bottle-rockets in this area during holidays, and I’m accustomed to what this looks like. The green orb moved at an arc rather than a straight line, and clearly went behind Hog-Back Mountain, as I could see the outline of the Mountain as the light descended. Hog-Back is at least 3 to 4 miles from my house, and as this object appeared to descend behind the Mountain, it had to be larger than a spark from a bottle-rocket.

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