Black Triangle Sighting in Punta Gorda, Florida on May 4th 2015 – 4 light with a red pulsing light thought it plane, slight turn revealed triangle shape with more lights, too low, no sound, going 30-40 mph

My kids and I were driving home from my parents house. We were driving on Burnt Store Rd heading to Cape Coral when out of nowhere lights suddenly appeared over very low trees,we saw 4 white lights and one pulsing red light gliding low and slow. We thought it was a plane until it curved slowly towards our direction then we saw the lights in a triangle formation and what looked like a black mass between them. I pulled over to the curb and rolled down my window…My daughter and I were shocked with disbelief because there was no sound from such a low flying object. My daughter kept saying “I don’t think that’s a plane”, and I definitely knew it was not a plane or stealth bomber. I started to drive away from the curb and we looked back up it was gone. The trees are very low in that area…there is no way it could have disappeared in the seconds it took me to put the car in drive.

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