UFO Sighting in Durham, New Hampshire on May 4th 2015 – 3 very large and bright dome lights under low-flying, silent aircraft. There were no green or red blinking lights

On May 4, 2015, around 9:15pm, N****** and I were waking back to our apartment from the laundry room, we noticed a very large light that appeared to be heading in our direction. At first we speculated that it was a low-flying plane’s headlight facing directly at us, for it was so bright and there were no green or red flashing lights. However, as it got closer and eventually crossed the sky, we noticed that it had three large circular lights on the bottom of the aircraft. We could not see the outline of the aircraft clearly, so we are not sure if it was round or triangular. However, the three round lights formed a triangle, with the front one pointing in the direction it was going; it looked very sleek, as if could have been round. Come to think of it, it must have been some sort of matte black, because it was heading in the direction of the moon, but it hardly reflected any light, allowing it to blend in with the dark sky. If I were to take a stance, I would take the stand that it appeared more to be in the shape of a saucer than a triangle. This is because as the three lights passed by us in the sky, for a moment only two of the lights were visible, as if it had a belly at the bottom of it that briefly blocked out the far light. It was really hard to see its shape, however, so it could have been in the shape of a triangle. I am not sure how low it was, but from where we were standing, it was right at/above the tree line as it passed us from the north sky heading in the southeast direction. There were multiple clearings that allowed for a completely unobstructed view as it passed us, and we are 100% sure about there being three lights at the bottom of it. Also, it should most definitely be noted that the aircraft made absolutely no noise, whatsoever. N****** was with me the entire time, and can confirm what we saw.

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