UFO Sighting in Hyderabad, Telangana on April 4th 2015 – UFO at HYDERABAD

My friend Sudheer and I were on terrace of my house to have a clear view of lunar eclipse on April 4,2015. The moon was on east. I turned towards west and saw a cloud type thing moving slowly and hovering over a building for about two minutes. I called my friend and he was too amazed at that moment. Then it slowly headed towards south direction from North.
I called my mother( already reported in mufon about a UFO). We all thought it was cloud, but were totally wrong when it came closer.
We can clearly see that it was a huge object(larger than football stadium) slightly transparent and covered with a sort of mist.
It moved very slowly. I took out my phone to take pics but in vain. my phone was switched off mysteriously. My friend face turned grey as he was very much afraid and my mother was surprised. Before disappearing we saw a series of orange blue sort of lights coming from its windows. After its disappearance we felt a sort of religious feeling, don’t know why.
I thought to report at that moment but I didn’t got much time because of my exams. Hence, I reported this incident so late.
It is not the first time I saw UFO. When I was taking random photos(last deepawali festival), I got a catch of an orb sort of thing on my photo.
I hope MUFON will succeed in proving the existence of ALIENS.

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