UFO Sighting in Picayune, Mississippi on March 30th 2015 – 9 year old grandson observed a V shaped craft while outside. He watched it for approx 1-2 minutes then ran inside to tell me. He was VERY frightened! We ran outside but it was gone. He said it was going very slow in a straight line and one side was red t

My 9 year old grandson was outside practicing baseball when he witnessed a v shaped craft flying overhead. He watched it for a couple of minutes then ran in to tell me. When we went to look it was gone. He said it was V shaped and one side was red and the other was gray. I looked up pictures on the web and the ones we saw were close but wrong color and he said the one he saw was more acute (his words not mine) He’s extremely advanced forhis age and would never make anything up like this. He was extremely frightened and required me to lay with him to go to sleep that night. The next morning I questioned him again and he told me he didn’t want to talk about it anymore he just wanted to forget it ever happened. Not sure what to make of this.

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